Now here is a fashionist that knows his fashion. On point on everything shoes, bag, et al. 

I love the neck piece on the lady on the left and the hair of the guest at my right. Both their dresses were divinely rich in culture without loosing the modern style
Eku Edewor looking rad in her Maatano cream suit. 

Luv the culture inspired big bangles on the lady on the right, and Neta (on the right )is looking absolutely Delicious as always

Hmmmm, what can i say, despite all, he is on point! luv the clutch purse(no matter what you say)

Now that's a gal that knows her fashion plus how to  personalize it with style.
Watching this divas strut the runway is a miracle in motion. 

Oook!......hmmmmmm..... help! What to say about this....words fail me. help!  


Model posing for my cam backstage with Jude of Phronesis Fashion World.


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