Millare Prose: Disillusion

I am she..... that sappy romantic whose heart is in her giving.
Who risk it all for love time and time again, flinging her whole heart, soul, body, mind and entire being into the perceived man of her dreams.
Who sees the world through Rose tinted glasses, perceiving that which only conforms to her preconceptions of love, refusing to give in or cave in to cynicism, in a world ruled by cruelty, clinging tenaciously to her beliefs of love and hope.

Then life dealt her a crippling blow, that crumbled her resistance and had her beliefs and idealisms, tumble down like confetti, leaving her broken and burned.You see, life had dealt her the cruelest of blows.
Using love as bait, wearing the guise of a lover, disillusion twined with a world of hurt and cynicism, had come to pay her a visit with lasting consequence.

I am she..... that formerly sappy romantic whose heart is lost in her pain.
Who now sees the world through fogged shreds of fragmented glass, lost in shadows, stuck in the barren land of hope lost, viciously craving light yet terrified to reach for it.
Caught in the vice of hope lost, pain unrelenting and disillusion, batting furiously at loving hands, too caught up in defeat to see love when it finally comes...a lil too late....
I decided to feel not! but love, that best of feelings, still came to the rescue despite the stranglehold of fear and cynicism.

I am she ...... that realist whose has gone through the fire of pain, hate, cynicism, self loathing,  and hope discarded. Whose beliefs in love is stronger than ever though now tinged with a healthy dose of wisdom and respect.                                       
I believe and will forever cling to my beliefs despite the storms of life.
Love is real and worth it in all forms and fashion, for life is worthless and empty without it.  I choose to believe

.......For those whose journey of love has been fraught with danger and disillusion. Believe and you will find your rainbow.

xoxo MILLARE..........


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