Karen Igho @ Goldie welcome home from BBA party 

Though, I know wearing sheer/see-through  garment is now considered a trendy summer staple, popularized, by western celebrities, stepping out in head-to-toe lace or sheer dresses with undergarments exposed underneath. One would assume, that in our corner of the world we wouldn't see such, on our streets or events but alas that isn't the case. How many times do fashion editors have to tell us, that not all things trendy are good for you?
It’s a sorry case, when we become slaves to contemporary fashion, to the extent we don’t take into cognizance, the nature, values, society or weather peculiarities of our country, self or style personality, when we worship at the altar of fashion. The sheer garment trend is one, that would need a delicate balance of,   flawless skin, right undergarment in the right color, and a high level of classiness, to pull it off right and not look trashy, especially in Nigeria.
 Below is some of our fashion forward celebrities trying on the trend for size.

Solange Knowles shows us the perfect way to rock the sheer look without looking tacky or classless. 



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