Boredom actually inspired this style post. I had a full free day to myself last Saturday and i was in raptures over that fact. My ultimate aim, was to sleep the day away. Alas, that vicous demanding bulldog 'boredom' sank it's teeth into me and demanded my undivided attention. In spite of my whining that I need a getaway and my repeated promise to self to NOT, under any circumstance, touch my laptop and 'blog away' my few free times, i can't help myself, for to me boredom is anemia . 

Caught in this state last Saturday, I needed a quick fashion fix, so I attacked my style closet with all the fierceness of a solder carrying out a command. Nothing seemed to fit and when I found this leggings with a few holes in it, due to strain, wash and wear, I had, just about enough!

Vengefully I though to myself "since it's already torn, lemme tear it just a bit more and discard it" but in the process of tearing it, for the waste-bin , my inner style guru reared her brilliant head, and the result is this deliciously high street, edgy,casual yet fun look. I must say, even I was amazed at the transformation and since I just couldn't wait to flaunt it, I went visiting, which finally lead to movies/house-party. Lol


Get an old pair of legging, jeggings or pants that has seen it days and cut a few strategic holes in it.  you can be as demure and as crazy as you think you can handle.

Pair with a cut -out sleeves T-shirt, camisole, tank top for a crazy rock edge look or tame it with a blouse like mine for a casual yet edgy look.

Accessories with spiky, gypsy or afrocentric jewelries. Think bikes, rock starts or high fashion when accessorizing and you cant miss.


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