It’s countdown time to Valentine’s  day and we can practically touch the love in the air. One sure-fire way to get in touch with the love in you, if you aren't feeling this val season yet, is to chill out and relax with some of our own version of greatest love movies of our time. I guarantee that after watching a couple of these movies,  you will definitely get in touch with your inner softy.  If you don’t, then, we declare your case hopeless and sue you to the human court for impersonation, for you are definitely an alien. Enjoy!.

1.Gone with the winds 1942
2. Casablanca 1939
3. Pretty woman 1990
4. Sleepless in Seattle 1993 Violated 1997
5. Keeping faith 2000 (nig)
6. Mortal inheritance (nig)
7. What women want (nig)
8. Bursting out 2011(nig)
9. Titanic 1997
10. The notebook
11. Ps i love you 2007
12. Violated 1997
13. How to lose a guy in ten days
14. The bridesmaid
15. someone like you
16. 27 dresses.
17. The ugly truth
18,. 13 going on 30
19.Bridget Jones dairy.
20. Kate and Leopard


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