Kene Rapu, the brand behind the line of ankara footwear ”SlippersbyKene” (SKB) brings to you its 2013 resort collection. The brand was created by lawyer, part-time model and fashion enthusiast Kene Rapu whose love for fashion and the Nigerian fashion industry prompted the creation of label. She launched in late 2011 with the primary aim to promote the development of the local Nigerian industry.
In a recent interview with the The Publicist blog, Kene shared the thought process behind the brand; “I believe my brand will play a role in the growth of the local Nigerian industry through the use of locally sourced materials & workmanship, providing jobs & revenue for craftsmen who may otherwise have a steady income flow. I also see Slippers By Kene becoming a household name; every lady should own a pair”
The lines signature pieces use locally sourced materials and workmanship to create the dazzling bespoke hand crafted slippers. 2013 saw the brand grown wider as they started making the crafted slippers for men too. “SlipperByKene” for gentlemen gives men the choice to pick between colorful and bedazzled slippers and their conservative brown and black counterparts.
The SKB slippers can be made to order and the clients have the option of choosing their taste of Ankara.
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Source Bella Niaja


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