On meeting Esther, CEO of the budding design house ESTOMI Clothing, I was intrigued by her poise and  ‘dress’. She was wearing one her designs from her  first collection, called Lace Proforma, Which according to her is inspired by lingerie. “lace is really sexy. Proforma means as a matter of form. its called lace proforma because the pieces are structured and all about the female form as opposed to the usual wish and flow nature of most outfits made from lace. Its inspired by lingerie.The collection is about bringing femininity and color to the work place or formal events and even for fun-time It can function as a work dress or fun outing dress. ”
Esther had always has a passion for fashion, despite the fact that she studied Anatomy in school. Realizing that her passion for fashion burned too hot to quench, Esther took a one year course at NeedleKraft Fashion Academy and learned the art of tailoring from the famous Mr Nassy who taught Mudi. She settled on the brand name ESTOMI Clothing and turned her passion for fashion into a business
On the heels of the successful debut of her first collection  “Lace Proforma” which is still been featured on many sites and enjoying rave reviews, Esther hopes to reveal her second collection which she is currently working on any day soon. “Am working on my Spring/Summer Collection. There's going to be a lot of Ankara, chiffon and leather.
Esther is emphatic that her designs are very affordable, as her  ready to wear piece can range from seven thousand naira and above.  Esther inspiration is surprisingly derived from fabrics  “I get inspired by the fabric am working with. When I see a fabric, I instantly know what I want to use it for.

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