Meet Adebayo Ogunsanya, Of Bitl Networks The “New School” Director Extraordinaire

I am Adedayo Ogunsanya. I am a video director and a final year student of mass communication in UNILAG. My brand name is Bitl Networks. It is a new brand aimed at producing media content especially videos. From music videos to promotional videos and advertisements.

I am inspired by many things. I think a lot and build up stories in my head, so going into directing definitely helps me bring them to life. There is nothing as good as, having an idea in your head and seeing it transformed into reality. I started in 2011, So far I've shot four videos- A movie, music videos and promotional videos. I consider challenges as opportunities because I love what I do.
When it’s time for school, I concentrate 100 percent on school  and it’s activities. When school is over I'm back to my hustle. It’s all about discipline and concentration.

I think the Nigerian  music video industry is growing and so, our quality is improving. We are beginning to compete in the world market. In this market, there is nothing bad in recycling an idea, to your own taste. But when you copy to the extent that it is so noticeable, then that's where there is a problem. But if you figure out similarities, there is actually no crime in that!
I can’t really talk about the originality of our music directors because every video director ,pours out what is in his/her head, so one can’t determine if what they have to offer is original or not!

We are new!  Once we take over the market, I bet my brand would be different from others you have seen!  I have worked with Thardey Fweshniz, Roc boi, Jigsaw Kikstar, Othrice. You probably don't know them yet but soon you would! The new school is taking over!! You'll see the name Dayo O'gunz on every video I produce.

My website is coming soon! My twitter handle is @ogunzworld. Facebook- Adedayo Ogunsanya.


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