Hard As Nails By Oyinebifinide Timi-Zuo

Tired of spending a lot on fake nails and acrylic? Do you dream of growing long, healthy and beautiful nails? Here are some tips on making your dream a reality.  
1- Know Your Nail Type: The saying that knowledge is key cannot be over emphasized  Knowing your nail condition will ensure you know exactly the right treatment for it. There are five nail types, which are brittle, damaged, soft, dry and normal nails.

2- Apply the necessary Treatment: There are a whole host of treatment for nail damage and supplements to eat, or take that will improve your nail health and cause it to grow. Tip: Try the Sally Hansen, or Revlon nail treatment &growth combo, they work like magic.

3- Stop Biting Them: Even if your fingernails are coated with sugar and honey, biting them never makes them grow. You can stop biting your nails, by applying bitter nail polish. Apply 3 -4 times a week to retain bitter taste.      
4- Keep Nail Files In Every Corner:  This includes house, car, office. Nails break, when they are uneven, so next time you see your nails uneven, reach for your nail file and shape them even.      
5- Nutrition Is Also Very Important. Drink a lot of water, your nails would love you for it. Eat carrot, oat and wheat, fish, these food contain silicon and sulphur acid that helps strengthen nails. Cauli flower, onions , shrimps, soya beans ,beef, and any food that contains fatty acid makes the nails healthy.      

6-  Finally, Coat Your Nails In At Least 3 Layers: It helps the nails look stronger and firm and minimizes the risk of chipping.


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