Mix Colors Like A Pro By Oyinebifinide Timi-Zuo

Since the introduction of color blocking, people have gone out of their homes looking like circus freaks. Whether you are color blocking or not I would share with you simple and straight forward ways to mix colors and look hot in it

  • Do not wear three bright colors at once-adding too many colors would make you look like you are competing with the sun.
  • Incorporate neutral color- neutral colors like black and white pulls the outfit together and gives you that classic look, could be your bag, shoe or belt.
  • Use solid colors- Mixing contrasting colors makes you bold already, adding patterns to your clothes like stripe or checks makes you look confused
  • Use colors in the same family- these include light and deep shades of a color e.g lemon and green

Finally, colors that give you a va va voom look when worn together are

1- light pink and deep pink
2- orange and yellow and white
3- pink and purple
4- green and blue!

Get creative today!, try it out!


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