Those Heels Are Killing You By Oyinebifinide Timi-Zuo

No matter how great one's love for fashion is, uncomfortable shoes do damage to the body. Wait for the shocker, wearing high heels can cause cancer!!.
Inflammation caused by wearing high heels everyday for a long time may distract the body from general DNA repair and cancer prevention. Ladies who stand on their feel all day due the nature of their job need nothing less than flat comfortable shoes.
High heels forces the wearer to place all of the body weight on the ball of the foot compromising stability, this in turn makes her push her hips and knees forward, an unnatural posture, what's worse?, that change remains even after the shoes are off.
High heels might make you look slimmer, taller and have slimmer n straight legs, but it kills you the longer  you wear it.
 Leave the sky scrapers for dinners where you would be sitting down almost all through, alternate heights of the heels so the body would not get used to one height, try out wedges, they are also beautiful and very comfortable, stretch after wearing heels for a long time and finally switch high heels for flat shoes regularly.
Save the heels and save your life!


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