Flats: A College Fashionista Best Friend...

By Ifeyinwa Nwabueze

The life of a college student is filled with hustle and bustle- having to dash from one lecture hall to the other and walking long distances while trying to get things done. To be able to do all these and still feel comfortable and most importantly, look good, you need flats!

    Flats are a college girl's best friend. They have always been synonymous with refined style, plus they are fun and functional. Although it is true that shoes with heels are often a bit more elegant and can be flattering for your overall silhouette, flat shoes can be very elegant and hip too. Wearing heels to class could be so discomforting and unbearable and even if you have the courage to do it, it cannot be a daily affair! Flats are a comfortable alternative to heels! They have a way of making your outfit come together.

    There are different kinds of flats to choose from- cutout flats, peep-toes and  ballerina pumps. They also come in different designs- with metal details such as buckles and studs and ballet styles with bows!
There are however some rules to obey when wearing flats:

*Don't wear flats with long skirts! This is a complete no-no! It'll make you look frumpy!
*You can wear flats with dresses and skirts but    ensure that the dress is either knee-length or above-the-knee.
    The perfect pair of flats polish up any outfit, from casual to dressy!  Whether you go for a pair of prim and proper Mary Jane flats, or sweet and demure ballet flats, or maybe even a hot pair of patent leather flats, you'll be stylishly grounded in just the right pair of flat shoes. So don't be shy to GO FLAT OUT!!!!


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