Ifeoma Aigbe Officially Launches “Ordelia” Fashion Label With 2013 Season Collection! See Lookbook Photos

Ordelia opened for Business in 2002 with the aim to "tailor to fit", to create pieces that would make every item from their label, fluid and singular between the wear and the wearer; a sweet ensemble in terms of style, personality, effect.

Ordelia produces profoundly designed clothing that sit well with body basics, character type, gait and the mind/mood. We create  classic. chic, afrocentric, retro and ethnic fusion pieces that stand out.  From casual, beautiful, multi functional day wears, swanky office apparels, breath-taking evening gowns to in-the-room night wears, Ordelia keeps it all beautifully feminine.

We make The Ordelia woman out of our clientele  and every Ordelia woman is confident, chic and loves her fashionable, stylish self. She wears comfortable pieces that helps her feel secure in herself, knowing she can say a lot with a simple piece. We do not compromise the architecture and personality of the  ordelia woman  when we make cloths for her. she is liberal, dignified and unpretentious, and so are great clothes from our stable. There's great attention paid to details."

The label produces couture and ready to wear items. They are as minimalist as they can be maximalist.

Bride and bridal train services are a specialty.

 Considered rather fashion-conscious as a pre-teen, Ifeoma Aigbe grew up being fascinated by all things relating to fashion, hair styling, dresses and accessories. After a very successful working career in an FMCG company in Lagos, Nigeria, she turned to her passion floating a clothing outfit named Ordelia in 2002. Since then it has been a rich and rewarding experience.
 For more information contact Ifeoma Doris Aigbe
​​Tel: +234-8033032735​
Website: www.ordellia.com


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