Lagos Jazz Series 2013

After 3 years of bringing the world of jazz and good music to lovers of good music, Lagos Jazz Series is set and ready to comeback with its 4th edition. This eagerly anticipated four day long event is poised to become the biggest music festival in Africa, bringing in performers from across the World.

According to the founder Oti Bazunu "When the idea of a jazz/music festival in Lagos first came to my mind, I knew that we would run into challenges – given that we do not have proper infrastructure to support a full scale entertainment experience as do cities like Montreal, Montreax and New Orleans etc, but I was confident that once we got to that moment, we shall rise up to the task."

Well folks, that moment is now. Lagos needs a proper musical and entertainment center with all the bells and whistles. Regardless, we once more invite you, our guests, partners and sponsors to join us as we continue to make history.


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