The "Burnaboys" Trend

By Ifeyinwa Nwabueze
This post is actually me being naughty but I just had to get this off my chest.  Am I the only one who ve noticed many guys wearing the "Burna boy" look?  Ever since the video of his hit single "Like to Party" came out, I've seen a number of guys replicating his signature punk haircut and retro round glasses look. He kinda made the punk haircut and round glasses popular again.
  I have a couple of friends, who are also following this trend and whenever I say to them "Woah! you look like Burnaboy with that haircut", their typical reply is ...."hell no I don't, I've had this haircut long before Burnaboy blew"...(Yeah right) LOL the earlier they start admitting it, the better.
  Some even go as far as wearing animal print shirts and bow-ties, which to me is sooo "Burnaboy".

 Enough said, before I say too much!
  Please y'all, this post isn't to sly anyone, its just me making my observations known. So please don't beat me up, when you see me on the street! LOL.



  1. Mr Carlos of R.U.N u have been highly casted.. Mumu kee u overDp is nt gud. Good 1 dere blogger.


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