Chic-torials: I6 Instant glam Chic Items

Keeping up with the capricious nature of Fashion and its seasonal change and revamps can prove be tiresome to the style inclined after a while.  The trick to keeping abreast and ahead of fashion’s dynamic trend personality is to simply ….

•Decide and refuse to be swayed by seasonal offerings and keep your eyes on eternally trendy staples.

•Stock your wardrobe with chic fashion piece that adds instant glam to any ensemble

•Have a few period inducing staples at hand and always dare to be dramatic.
Below are sixteen must-have chic items in your style wardrobe this 2014, complied by me for your instant glam pleasure.

1.Draw -string cotton pants
2.Crop/Mesh Top
3.Sheer high-low shift dress
4.Jeffery Campbell Spiky boots
5.Frilly flats
6.Converse All Stars or Shocks
7.Monochrome dress
8.Big gaudy round earrings
9.Marc Jacob instant dry nail polish design
10.Cat-Eyes stun sun shades
11.Nude shade chiffon tops
12.Wooden, Metals & ethnic bangles, worn In multiples on one arm
13.Graphic Tee –shirts, camisoles et al
14.Zara big tan colored handbag
15.Leather-esque Skinny Jeans or Leggings
16.Cropped leather Jacket


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