Colour Trends 2014

According to Yvette Saint Laurent, style is eternal while fashion is temporal; the simple magic solution known to fashion veterans is how to upgrade your closet with a few new key trendy pieces, while not reforming the old pieces
This year I have consulted the style fairy and my tarot fashion cards, 2014 promises to be a very adventurous year for style changelings as dramatic cuts, styles and twist seems to a trend. Below are some trends, color, fabrics and beauty trends predictions for the perfect wardrobe for the year. To see the style trends and fabric predictions of 2014 clink here: and
Color Trends
Pastels ... Pink & silver, peach & orange, Carmel & forest green et al. 
Radiant orchid
Violet tulip
Dazzling blue,  placid blue, pale blue. 
Forest green
Celosia orange


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