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Hello friends...

As i went about my work today...i kept thinking that indeed, no one can tell how far you can go with          that talent of yours that you are taking for granted...there is actually no telling where that gift can lead you....except you try it out.

Many times we ask..what do i have, what talent have i got? these questions go through our minds..often times the answers are there but we brush them off..because we feel we require something more grand than that which we already have.

Yes, could be true that to get further we would require more, which most times is the case but that does not take away from the goldmine already lying in us waiting to be acknowledged and tapped.
Acknowledging every good thing in you is a powerful tool of self realization...which in turn gives confidence. Acknowledgement here isn't just assenting mentality that 'yh i got some good stuffs in me but having a full knowledge of what these things are and what you can achieve with them and to be willing to go right ahead and use them.Imagine how confident u will be when indeed you have acknowledged the good things in could fly bro.

Its no surprise we are often attacked by feelings of inadequacy...feelings of  'am not good enough'...many are  overwhelmed with the question ' where do i start from' or how do i begin..
Let me tell you...its only a ploy to get you as not to realize that indeed you got something powerful don't fall for that cheap trick.

Get fired up today...that talent..yes that very one you least bother with, bring it out of you and start to lovingly brush and prune it and pour the sweet perfume of fine words on it and watch it blossom before your eyes and develop wings and fly with you to places and heights you never knew possible.

Hope you guyz are enjoying the blog...feel free to contribute ur invaluable tots in the comments section below.
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