OmotinyInspires Corner: Mistakes!

 By Tyna Foks
Hello people, isn’t it amazing that with all the knowledge we have acquired whether through our parents, teachers, books, church, on the streets etc, about life and living right, about good and evil and heaven and hell, that sometimes, if not too many, we still make Mistakes??
The truly surprising thing is that often times these mistakes are so foolish they are just unbelievable.. we ourselves are disappointed by our actions, our families and friends are disappointed and even God isn't too pleased.

The thing about mistakes is..they are expensive and some mistakes could lead to losing everything we have so labored for...not to talk of the palpable fear it brings into our hearts, take for instance a teenage girl who "went with the flow" and had unprotected sex with some guy she met and right after the act begins to sweat as all the implications of what just happened hits her...she knew she could get into real trouble but somehow she did it anyway, all that knowledge was...just head knowledge.

The examples are everywhere...funny how fast a day can turn from sunny blue and bright to dark and dreary because of one mistake and you wish you had NEVER EVER done it.

Well friends, mistakes do happen and after the deed has been done life must continue...the good thing about mistakes however is that they help us put a lot of things in perspective, we begin to truly scrutinize ourselves and our values and do a better job of living up to our expectations and God's expectations of us..funny enough many of us are the better for it.

Learn from everything including your mistakes....and pray that God will help you through the rough times..because He Will..that’s part of His Ministry in our lives...fixing people and fixing things for our good.

Wow! glad you could drop by, please leave your comments behind.


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