omotinyInspires Corner: ...Within

As i woke up this morning...and looked out the window...didnt hear the birds singing...the rays of the sun filtered weakly through the was going to be like the wintry january saturday that its supposed to be..hmm,so i got out of bed..into the room where my kids slept..they were still snoring..

What makes  a day special..what makes it different from the one i had yesterday...i pondered..i wanted to know...if it was a sign..then i would look out for it...if it was a feeling...i wanted to know it...or was it something in the air....i sniffed, but couldn't really tell..

Even though i had a mental picture....a line up of activites for my day..i wanted..yearned for something that would get me into the rythm..into the beat...the flow of my day...i felt without this swirl so to speak it would be mechanical...

Hush¡...Look within..

Out of thy belly shall flow rivers of Living Water

....and suddenly i understood...the sun shone brightest when i looked at it from within,life had new and profound meaning when i percieved from itself is from within us...i found the sweetest music of my day..and what a glorious day it was.


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