omotinyInspires Corner: A Trap For Cinderella

Hello inspired friends..
Do you know how powerful emotions like envy,jealousy and hate can be?...its amazing how a little envy can lead to very bitter jealousy and eventually...full blown hatred...when not only curtailed..but totally and absolutely banished from our know these demons have a way of creeping in on us unawares...when we start having questions and thoughts like..'why does she have to have it all'...what cant i be her..everything just works for her'...'what does she think she is'...'plz she forms too much abeg' careful now...cos innocent as these thoughts may seem when not acted upon..given time and attention they can become venomous poisons when released in words and actions..

The other night..i stumbled on a movie titled...Trap for Cinderella...and i tell need to see this movie and just watch it...cos it shows how dangerous this emotions we are talking about can be very fatal for both the one who has these poisons and for the one who these poisons are directed at, except for divine intervention.

My point today is no matter how seemingly harmless these small portions of envy,jealousy and hate are in our hearts..we need to get rid of them...we need to take our time and attention off people that inspire feelings like these in us...and dwell on other healthy stuffs that inspire us towards been better and positive. I recommend the Word of God for study and meditation.

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