#Fashion Friday: Style Predictions For Men

By Emeka Uduma
So Christmas Day has come and gone, the decorations are soon to be back up in the loft and you’re considering the very real possibility of having to go up a waist size. 

However, as any sartorially-inclined gentleman will tell you, there is a different set of New Year’s resolutions that are held in a much higher regard and can never, ever be broken: your style resolutions.
we at #fashionfriday believe it's going to be an awesome year for fashion especially male fashion judging from what we saw at the london fashion week for AW 14. However, some key pieces filled our stomach with butterflies and we predict these few pieces to trend in 2014. Below are some of this pieces

1.  PRINTED PANTS: during ss13 we saw models walking the runway with printed shirts patterned with contrast sleeves and we thought that was it, but this year we saw a new twist to it ... the printed pants. Fabulously crafted, exquisitely presented it was at the London fashion week.


. MAN BAGS: and who says men don't need to look chic and sexy? man bags is here to stay and this was proven on the AW2014 runways. excellence is one word to describe the man bags we saw at AW 2014. men as well as ladies know how to pack some things up in a bag if not anything at least a blackberry charger (lol). anyways the man bag is a fashion accessory that compliments an outfit if properly used.

3. CHECKED SUITS: Over the past few years men have become much more adventurous with their choice of formal wear. Unconventional suit colours like khaki, brown and burgundy have been pushed into the limelight, as men look to separate themselves from the crowd and combat the monotony of getting dressed in the morning.

It is common knowledge by now that menswear has fully embraced pattern, colour and texture as the modern man continues to gain confidence and become more sartorially adventurous with his personal style.
There will always be a place for block-colours and muted tones in menswear, but pattern and print is fast becoming an essential part of any contemporary wardrobe, and the pattern of the AW13 season is undoubtedly checks.

 Well keep your fingers crossed as we bring you more and more of the 2014 style predictions as the year is still fresh and our eyes are open to style. Remember, fashion is what we buy but style is how we wear it, so up your game this year and make your style stand out.


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