Velvet Revamp

The velvet fabric is one that was scorned a few years ago as cheap or mocked as “Apkochei”, meaning chair fabric in Igbo language of eastern Nigeria. The revamp of the velvet fabric as a must-have fashion staple is one that was so insidious, that few noticed it rise, until it became a must-have fabric, for weddings, blazers, and now glamorous evening gowns. In Nigeria, it's a common feature in all weddings, as no bride worth her style salt will have an aso-ebi material without velvet playing a major role in it. The velvet fabric as a staple is not just restricted to traditional wear or evening gown but also casual wear such as leggings, suits, skirts, jackets, blouses, bags et al. If you are still in doubt about the trend worthiness of the velvet fabric, here are photos of our delightful fashionistas rocking the trend.
Tip: Trick to accessorize: “Imagine a great string of pearls, some vintage Art Deco jewelry, big rings, marcasite and strands of long necklaces.”


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