omotinyInspires Corner: Breathe

omotinyInspires Corner: Breathe
Hello guyz, As I walked down Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid's city center this morning on my way to meet a friend for a possible job interview, I just couldn't help but wonder how much more a man can bear. Everywhere I turned I could see some man or woman with a face I call 'Blank', meaning you couldn't exactly tell from looking at them whether they were happy or excited, instead you could easily read preoccupied, worried, fear, in a hurry  and late on their faces.
People live with a lot every day, they worry about all sorts of external issues at work and all, they have to deal with family issues and as if that is not enough, they have to contend with emotional weights as well.
So today, let’s just give ourselves a break....a break from all the worrying, all the pains and fears and everything. Take a minute to just be, stop calculating, planning, organizing things in your head...just breathe. Calm down and take deep breaths for a minute. A minute for you, every now and then, will do you, a world of good.
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