omotinyInspires Corner: Friends

Hey buddies! Today, let’s take out time to remember all the beautiful people called friends life has brought our way. How they made us laugh, even in the most difficult of situations, how they shared our best times with us, how they were our partners in many crimes and how they supported and encouraged us to be our best.
Recently, on my old students’ association group on facebook, someone started a discussion to see how many names of your former classmates you could remember and it was fun! As the names came in, I travelled down memory lane, back to the days when we would all eagerly wait for the dinning bell, how we did punishments for our seniors, how we gathered for prep class in the night, the social nights which was explosive, et al, lol.
The whole experience was refreshing, made me laugh and made me realize that even though some friends we had yesterday are not here with us today, they remain special in our hearts. After all, they were all we had, all we knew yesterday and would have remained with us today, if not for the dynamics of life.
So today, make an effort to give a shout out to all your friends past and present, for sharing your journey through the years, they made life much more worthwhile.
Hope you enjoyed reading this. Be the best always.



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