omotinyInspires Corner: Loyalty

Loyalty is a word that I have been in love with for so long now...anytime the word crosses my mind; I remember how it was growing up with my four sisters, my brother and my mother. The ceaseless chatter, the bickering, the fights, the headache of division of chores. In fact you could say it was chaotic some of the time. But in all, the love that bonded us together was unbelievable. The way our mother brought us up was to be loyal above all to each other. We were one unit all the time...even when we were not all living under the same roof, we were always one.

Have you experienced that feeling of knowing, that someone is loyal to you?  Whether good or bad you've got that person's support, and that support is complete, constant and unswerving. I can assure you the feeling is heaven. Do you have people you are loyal to...say, to your family, your beliefs, a cause or to your friends.
The thing about loyalty is, it is inspired in our hearts towards something or someone because of a deep or vital knowledge about that person or thing. That knowledge comes through communication, transparency and trueness. When people know you for real and trust you and that knowledge of you makes them comfortable...before you know begin to see them demonstrating loyalty to you.

Don’t be like those people who trust no one, love no one, and believe in no one, like no one. Don’t be like that! Be somebody! Be deep, be loyal to your family, be loyal to your church, be true, be transparent....have no skeletons in your cupboard, live, love and laugh simply. Life is a lot more fun when we are that way!
Wow! I have loved sharing with you today...share with me your thoughts too!


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