omotinyInspires Corner: Yes You!

Hey guyz, have you been around those people that like to treat you like you are nothing, they try to make you feel you are of no value. Sometimes these people could even be family or valued friends or respected members in your community. Well, don't make too big a deal about them...why?, because we will always have them
The thing to do is NEVER; take on their perspective of you. You are full of value and worthy of respect. Have you ever considered that God is crazy in love with you? Think about it, you are so unique that you are the only one of you that will ever show up on this good earth, and you are all He has and will ever have. This is a simple truth; just accept it simply and don't try analyze away its beauty and substance.
Amazingly, so many people out there love you too and think you are of great value, but no matter how many of us love you this way, it will never make much sense if you don't believe for yourself, that you are lovable and of great value. So I say to you today. Give yourself a break and lay down the weights and start today to see how truly beautiful you are. You are of great value and worthy of respect.
See ya real soon!

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