By Emeka
Valentine we all know is here again. It is a season of love and appreciation. It is a season to express your love and gratitude to special people in your life and a way of saying thank you.
Everyone knows shopping for anyone other than yourself is not exactly an easy task especially when shopping for a sartorial inclined, fashion forward, stylish gentle man, but we at #FASHIONFRIDAY have taken it upon ourselves to make this task easy for you.                                    
  1. BLAZER: Blazers never go out of style but rather evolves in patterns and colours. You sure want your man looking dapper smooth like Idris Elba then a well fitted blazer will do the trick.
  2. DENIM: Yes we know your man has a denim collection, but getting him more this season of love will make him appreciate you for appreciating his style.
  3. CHECKERED SHIRTS: Checkered shirts are the vogue right now, show him that you are in tune with style and get him checkered shirts, they bring the vibe you want from your man and watch him blush with gratitude.
  4. WATCHES: I have said this before, i am saying it now and i will still say it again... I AM A WATCH DEMON. Get your man a good wristwatch preferably a Blvgari timepiece. The perfect gentleman values his time but it's more valueable when spent with you, so adorn his wrist with a watch.
  5. PERFUME: You sure want your man smelling good for you, then spoil him with a frangrance that will fill your stomach with butterflies whenever the both of you are togther,we however suggest the Gucci Guilty Black (thank me later)
  6. GAMES: Getting him all the above will make him love, cherish, adore and respect you more but getting him a play station 4 console i bet my life savings he will never leave you ( guess i have to take an insurance policy before staking this bet)
  7. SHOES: Shoes! shoes!! shoes!!! Men work hard so we need shoes that will make us walk easily. A good pair of shoes that compliments his sense of style will certainly do.     


  1. always at a loss of what to buy for my boo..but u r definitely correct with my husband u cant go wrong with watches,blazers and shoes and perfumes. I will keep this list in mind anytime i head out. You guyz at millare are d best.


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