omotinyInspires Corner: Would You Snoop?

Recently I came across a really interesting show on tv and the hot discussion was “would you snoop through your partners stuffs if you suspected he was cheating?” today am gonna give you my take on this and why?
Before I let the cat out, Let me tell you some of the opinions shared on the show. Some ladies were like “Snooping is bad,” and if you feel the urge to regularly check out your partners’ stuffs, whether you suspected anything or not, you might actually be the problem, cos your feelings of insecurity and distrust might lead you to imagine infidelity where there might not be any. So their advise was 'don't go snooping cos' since you are on the search you will definitely find something...real or imagined.' 

Another group was of the opinion that even though they did not subscribe to snooping,  for snooping sakes or snooping as a hobby, they would snoop if they really suspected something was going on just as confirmation, since a cheating partner may not readily confirm he or she is cheating.
While some just felt “snooping” is a necessity and should be seen as one, especially as life on the 'boy girl' scene these days is very cut-throat and complicated; they feel to be one step ahead and in order to protect by all reasonable means what is theirs they need the snooping

Well, well! For me, I would snoop but not so much as for confirmation cos' most likely I would know because I have The Witness in me, Who lets me know stuffs. So the snooping would be to know what type of affair it was, the extent to which the affair had gone, and to know with whom. Armed with these and some, I would be able to proceed wisely. 

Nevertheless, I must say this, there is a higher way. To all the ladies out there, you will be a whole lot happier with your partner, with your life, and with yourself if you don't snoop at all. The thing with snooping is. It may expose you to things you or your marriage or relationship may not be able to handle at the time. It’s fertile ground for distrust and arguments that just sucks the joy and laughter out of both parties. For us ladies you know how it is when you actually find 'something' from may never remain the same
Sometimes we may not get the whole picture, may not understand everything, but if we entrust our relationships or marriages and essentially our lives into the hands of God, we will reap the rewards of having trusted God...remember He is all wise and there's nothing He can't handle. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to drop your comments.


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