MillicentArebun StyleDaries4: SilkSmiles

I got this Perkins dress from my younger sister, who didn't know what to do with it. At first glance the dress looked shapeless, baggy and impossible to style. It had been a very stressful Saturday, so I was quite happy with the distraction a style challenge presented, in the form of this dress. A golden rule of fashion, I made up is that, "with a belt and a hose anything can be styled" and this rule proved true in this instance.

I captioned the above pic "SilkSmiles " because as soon as i was dressed and looked in the mirror, I smiled and was instantly happy. so here is my style advice for the week.......

"Happiness is our responsibility. Practice looking good, it leads to feeling good which attracts good things to you and that certainly makes one happy. So look in the mirror and smile because you are of God! 
Do you like how i styled it or think i can be or should have been worn differently? Let me know by dropping your comments and opinions below or @centjerry or @Millarefashion on Twitter. 


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