Navy Blues

The classic navy blues in menswear fashion, is back with a bang on the fashion scene. Formerly considered conservative or boring for the fashion forward, the revamp of the classic color has made it a must-have on designers’ collections worldwide. Navy Blue is a universally loved hue within men’s style, due to its ability to anchor more adventurous hues as well as make a statement on its own when combined with a unique design or texture.
Not only is navy, one of the most versatile colors available to men, which means it can be worn with pretty much every other piece you already have in your wardrobe, it also flatters all skin tones and is deemed acceptable for even the most conservative or formal occasions..
So no matter what your budget or personal style, you are bound to find something that will slot seamlessly into your wardrobe and helps tie all your existing pieces together.
Despite the navy blue shade been back on the trends charts, there are ways to pair your ensemble that ensures you stand out from the crowd while looking ultra-male. Below are some great style tips from the male style experts at “Fashionbeans” on how to pair or dress your navy blues. 

·         All Navy Everything
This is dubbed the ‘all navy everything’ look. Simply keep all shades on the darker side of the spectrum, without any striking shots of sky blue, cobalt or aqua to help break up the palette. Ultimately, this natural lack of contrast or differentiation between pieces can make all navy outfits; the end result is a sharp, sophisticated and effortlessly chic look.
·         Keep It Subtle
With menswear set to move in a more minimal direction over the coming years, it’s important to understand that subtlety is often a statement in itself. There is no need to go out and buy the craziest fashion forward pieces you can find in the hue. Instead, try combining simple, pared-down staples such as a navy dress shirt, suit and pea coat.

·         Add Texture
When creating any single color ensemble, it’s important to create contrast and a sense of balance by utilizing different fabrics. This could be as simple as pairing navy flannel trousers with an Oxford cloth shirt, or as intricate as combining raw denim jeans with a white jumper, tweed jacket and silk polka dot scarf.
·         Add spots of color to add details.
We all know how blue and brown complement each other, so why not try and incorporate this combination into your own outfit? Obviously, brown shoes are a great option but you can also introduce the hue via your belt, watch strap, jewelry or even by swapping the buttons on your blazer/coat for rich brown or tan versions. Alternatively, consider a subtle print or pattern. A polka dot tie, checked over shirt or pin stripe blazer is not only on trend but also helps create the necessary definition and contrast between pieces


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