Skin-bleaching Frenzy: A Yay or Nay! By Ifeyinwa Nwabueze

Last time I checked, Nigeria's a country in Africa, which means the people are meant to be mostly dark-skinned right? I thought! Till recently when it seems everywhere I turn I see "white" looking people, especially women. 
I have always wanted to talk about this because it's a really serious issue, though this issue has already been over-discussed.

There's a difference between seeking glowing, healthy skin and an un-even fixation on becoming light-skinned by using harmful chemical products!!! Funny thing is, most of these women already know the dangers of using these harmful chemicals but they can't seem to stop. 
Some people believe being beautiful is about having fair skin. This is soo not true! No matter your complexion, as long as you have a glowing, even-toned skin, that's all you need!

After the 6month ASUU strike that took place in 2013, I received the biggest shock of my life. So many people returned to school looking like they were re-incarnations of Michael Jackson! When asked the reason for such radical change in skin tone, they claim its a result of been usually indoors during the strike. Yea right!  We all know what it was.

Hydroquinone is a common skin lightening ingredient used in most lightening creams. The dangers of hydroquinone to the health are numerous among which are kidney failure, brain damage and skin cancer.
I know that as women, we all want to look beautiful and attractive. Don't do so at the expense of your health.
Seek natural ways to achieve a glowing skin. Eat fruits, get at least 8hours of sleep every night and drink lots of water. Most importantly, Love the skin you're in! 


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