Fouad Sarkis Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. A Bouquet of Sparkling Element

Introducing the latest collection, of Lebanese design genius Fouad Sarkis. The collection is stunning in its diversity, flawless cuts, modern twist on retro glam and summer colours. According to Fouad – “I thought of women like stars, I designed this collection with a bursting heart and ignited passion.
I never design to impress; I design to create. My Spring Summer 2014 collection embeds colors that are not so familiar to the eye. I do not want a woman to step inside of my dress and see herself inside. I want her to step in my dress and find a new self-inside. I want her to build some motivation, confidence, and self-fulfillment inside my piece. I want her to dare.
The same way nature blossoms at this time of the year, I designed my gowns. My new collection blossoms within a bucket of flowers, colors, and glowing elements in a fresh and sparkling combination.”


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