Hat Strings

Hats are back on the style charts as the must-have accessories that adds instant “hip” to your style. An off-shoot from the sporty trend rage that gripped the fashion world a few months back, the hat trend had spiraled into the classic, retro, elegant and extravagant stage, nearly obscuring the previously held hat repulsion era.
Previously the style domain of the English elites and a relic of Africans old-school fashion, as seen from our mothers’ youthful pictures and the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Duchess Kate in 2012, the hat trend has been adopted by the “hip and youthful” crowd, spreading the trend like wildfire.  
From Pharrel extravagant huge hat to the golden globes awards, to the extravagant hat fiesta at the Lagos polo event held a few months back in Nigeria, it is obvious, the hat craze is back with no intention of diminishing.
Show off your style this weekend by wearing the trend.


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