Sequined Sensations.

Bring out the shining star in you this season, with a little help from the sequin fairy. Sequins are eternally in season and add instant style-star quality to any outfit. Every female fashionista worth his or her style has rocked the sequin/shimmer look, while designers can’t get enough of the fabric.
Perfect for red carpet or dressy occasions, the sequined style staple bring instant festivity to any outfit. Whether it’s sequined jacket, skirt, shorts, tank to, shoe, bag or dress, the sequined and shimmer look is the go- to trend for instant glamour with minimal fuss. Add sequined glam to your conservative office ensemble by coating your nails in pop colored glittering polish or wear a sequined tie to church on Sunday. Glitter like a thousand tiny stars and share the spotlight with your favorite style celebrities globally by rocking this trend the first chance you get.  


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