The Cat Craze

The cat trend is all the rage this season, as women and designers globally explore their feline side. From smoldering femme fatale slanted eyes, kitty branded shoes, wearable art cat clothing, glam cat glasses and headwear, the cat craze is on and on fire.  
 You can incorporate the cat trend to your style by simply wearing the cateyes make up look or rocking cat sunglasses. Below are quick tips for adding a quick feline slant to your eyes.  
1. Start off with a clean, primed eye lid.
2. Starting from middle of your upper eyelids and using the liner of your choice, line your entire eye as closely to the lash line as following your eye shape.
3. With your eyes completely lined, we can now wing it out by following the bottom lash line up towards the end of your brow
4. Once complete, look into the mirror and make sure the liner is symmetrical on both sides. If not, use a pointed Q-tip to even them out!


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