“The Diary of a Nigerian Wife”: PANA TV Brings The Heat To Houston With The Launch Of Its Original Reality TV Show

PANA TV brings the heat to Houston with the launch of its original reality TV Show, “The Diary of a Nigerian Wife”.
The show is produced by Great Light Entertainment in association with Activator Pictures for PANA TV, and will premiere globally in August 2014.  It will be available to view on PANA TV.com by premium members. "The Diary of a Nigerian Wife" explores the lifestyles of six upper class Nigerian women, who are recognized figures in Houston’s beau monde, as they live the big life in Texas, the Nigerian way.
Weddings, parties, birthdays, all the trimmings and glitz of African hospitality and fashion, including the highly revered art of tying Gele (a traditional head-wrap brought to life by the one and only Segun Gele), lend a distinct cultural ambience to the show.
The show also guest stars other popular TV celebrities of the reality genre including Omarosa Manigault (The Apprentice, The Surreal Life, Fear Factor) and Jill Zarin (The Real Housewives of New York).
The show stars:
1.       Enzo, the Artiste – a runaway bride and product of J-Town in Nigeria that is also home to some of Nigeria’s finest musicians. With Enzo, you can be sure of a live performance that is electrifying and memorable.
2.       Chika Odili –not your average nurse practitioner. Add owner of a fashionable line of medical scrubs, part-time model and entrepreneur to her growing list, and you’ll realize that you may never get to the bottom of what she is capable of.
3.       Uchenna Udobi – a sweet combination of beauty, brains and charisma, and a zest for life that keeps her eager to discover new places and things.
4.       Shirley Asemota – the ultimate wonder woman, juggling marriage to a textile tycoon, motherhood, acting, and being an entrepreneur all in one. However this Diva takes it all in her elegant stride.
5.       EeJay Lawson – a recent divorcee with a degree in the Science of Nursing, a love for art, and a spirit for adventure, EeJay intends to live her life to the very fullest and is an author of a new book about a female superhero.
6.       Ava ReJouis – If there’s one place she’s very comfortable being, it’s in front of the camera as a TV show host, model and actress this beauty sets the room on fire and tongues rolling wherever she appears. Truth or Dare? Who is Ava Rejouis?
The show is executive produced by Amanda Van Annan and Lorna Osunsanmi representing Great Light Entertainment in association with Activator Pictures exclusively for PANA TV.
About PANA TV: PANA TV is a pioneer online Television Network with a plethora of diverse Pan African content, offering over 8,000 hours of quality entertainment and lifestyle content including film, music, TV series and sporting genres. Since its quiet beta period, PANA TV has amassed more than 135,000 fans on Facebook, with a social network reach of more than 27 million people.
PANA TV currently has offices in Houston, Lagos and Johannesburg, and launches officially late July 2014.


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