Yellow Rush

“Fashion is all about colors, cuts, fabric and all the lines in-between”—Millicent Arebun.
Fashion is all about colors, cuts, fabric and all the lines in-between.  The ability to single out a fab color that symbolizes style and cheer is the act of a true fashionista. One of such colors that symbolizes cheer, ultra style, budding romance and hope is the color Yellow! In all ages and times, the yellow shade has been an artistic delight to fashion designers, style lovers and artists alike.
There is something fundamentally cheerful, about the color yellow that cause someone to think of bright summers, cozy spring and vibrancy. In all its shades, yellow can transform an outfit from flirty, young and saucy, to elegant, classy and dignified. It is a style favorite for stylist because the yellow shade is suitable for all ages and great for both men and woman. 
Yellow is yet again trending, as one of the best hue, to wear for events, awards, casual outings and strolls. Any color naturally rhythms, with the yellow depending, on whether, you want to stand out or blend in from the crowd. Accessorizing with staples, in primary deep hues, for instance, blue, red, grey, bronze, purple or even green, is great for a striking look while pairing with nude shades is great for a classy yet flirt elegant look.


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