Lashing Out

Long lush lashes are considered a sign of femininity in some cultures till date, little wonder, most women globally crave long luscious eyelashes and spend so much money on eyelash products, extensions and enhancements.  Correct eyelash care regime and makeup application is vital, to ensuring a flawless ultra-feminine look.
Luscious Eyelash Care Regime
·         Stop Using so many product: In order to grow your lashes you have to abstain or cut down on the products you clamp on your lashes daily.  The more mascara you use, the more weak your lashes and their tendency fall out.
·         Moisture/Condition your lashes. A great way to condition your lashes is by using oil, for instance castor oil. Ensure you use a light hand when applying the oil, bearing in mind any allergies you may have
·         Use the right Mascara:  Using the right mascara can spruce up your lashes almost instantaneously. If your lashes are scanty, use a voluminizing mascara or if you crave instant length, use a lengthening mascara that allows for add-ons that will elongate your lashes.
·         False lashes: False lashes are a great way to create temporary volume for a special event. The key to finding a natural looking set of lashes is to find one that is the same length or only a little longer than your natural lashes, but that adds volume. You'll need an eyelash glue (dark lashed Latinas beware: purchase a glue that dries dark for the most unnoticeable finish) and the lashes.
·         Eyelash extensions: Eyelash extensions provide the false lash look without the hassle and for a longer period of time, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Eyelash extensions last up to a month or longer, depending on the expertise of your lash stylish and your care regime.
Applying makeup to your lashes either fauz or natural can be tricky, as any mistake can result in disaster. Here are some simple eyelash makeup application tips that you just can’t fail with.

Eyelash Makeup Applications Tricks
#1.   Choose first a quality mascara that has volume and lengthening qualities, then apply with your brush starting from the base. Wriggle or roll your wand so that the bristles can catch as many lashes as possible, then pull toward the tips. This causes your lashes to be fully stretched out.
#2.  Recoating twice for natural lashes is great but for faux lashes no more than three coats so as not to have heavy clumpy looking lashes. For both natural or faux ensure each layer is completely dry before recoating.
#3.  After drying, brush through with a lash brush that isn’t dipped in mascara to separate lashes and remove clumps.
#4. Eye lashers curlers are perfect for opening the eyes, adding volume and making your lashes appear longer


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