Millicent Style Diaries (MSD): Faded Jeans & Sequinned Glam for JWBL 2014 Event |REVIEW

I had a blast combining work and fun at the Johnnie Walkie Blue Label Trophy Finals last saturday at the beautiful Lakowe Golf resort  & estate. I must admit I didnt know that we has such a great slice of paradise and prime real estate on the Ajah to Epe axis of Lagos state Nigeria.

The reserve was the very definition of serenity, with its lush pristine 18-hole beautifully manicured golf course designed by PGA Professional and golf course architect, Robert O’Friel with a complete clubhouse that affords a luxury and secured gated community with other sports facilities such as a swimming pool, squash, tennis,badminton courts, lakes, and beautifully crafted landscape.

The Ebola scare was real, as our temperatures was taken and a hand santizer dispensing machine discretely pointed out to us in a courteous but firm manner (Literal translation....Omo, better santizer your hand or no entry for you. Y.O.L.O!) I for one, was gratefu; for the extra saftey measures because I still have a lot to live for, lol.

After the sports session was done, it was time for food, drinks, networking, exclusive interviews, social media live updates of the awards and of course picture time.

I was particularly thrilled, though  bit stunned when two females (#Superwomen) "Mrs Murren Recce" emerged winner of the overall Johhnie Walker Competition and Roxanne Dolhain who emerged second place.

Golf  has always been regarded as the gentlemans game and few ladies particularly nigerian ladies are dare to infitrate the almost exclusive men circle. The fact that she plays proffessional golf and won in a open tournament not restricted to women, made it all the more inspiring!

"I was super excited, Inspired, challenged and motivated to do more in my field and whatever I set my mind to, for there are no barriers but the ones we put u in our minds." 

I met my long time friend fellow blogger and presenter friend Priscillia Phillips of FAM PR at the resort. We had fun catching up laughs and made future plans for collaborated expansion of our indidvidual blogs, TV shows and brands. She was there as part of the media team and a presenter for Spice Tv.

I made some new friends there as well, including Kesiena of Beat Fm who made me laugh and take selfies.

My trusty sidekick and invaluable member of MillareFashion Blog, Tv and company Jefferson Arebun did not fail me, as he left all his plans to come take pictures and shoot videos for me. Millarefashion is forever indebted to you.

Special thanks to @TheBTCompany who added my name to their select list of pressmen, handpicked to cover the event and provided comfortable transportation to and fro, making the hour long journey from Eko hotel stressless and restful.
Watch out for the Mrs Murreen Reece exclusive Interview and my Aquafina Elite Model Look Nigeria 2014 review coming soon.


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