Hello people! It's been a hectic few weeks, with work, school, and all the itsy-bitsy responsibilities that comes with being an adult. (Bye bye sweet teenage rebellion and freedom)
I had some work/study free moments recently (to my everlasting joy) and I indulged in some much needed girl gist and fruit therapy (the flat belly battle is constant). As I sat listening to the normal hilarious and wisdom filled chatter of delicious female gist/gossip, I observed that a lot of us were taking pictures and viola! I had the makings of an interesting blog post.
Truly, how many picture do we take weekly, especially in these days of Smart, android, IOS phones and apps that comes equipped with great MP cameras.  (DON'T LIE)

The next weekend I went researching; and by research I mean I went shopping (desperately needed to restock my fridge and re-activate my social life) and chilling with friends at various fun spot in the city of Lagos Nigeria and what do I see everywhere I looked? People taking pictures at an average of 20 shutter speed per minute! Amazing isn't it.

I sure found it hilarious! I and my friends were in the thick of the photo mania as we took hundred of selfies and #ootd pictures from every conceivable angle, in order to refresh and flood our social media pages with fun pictures that is guaranteed to turn an erstwhile boyfriend, colleague-zilla or frienemy pea green with envy

The advent of camera phones in nigeria, made taking business/family oriented photos stress free.BUT it was the influx of high resolution digital cameras on phones, tabs and DCSL as a social prop needed for entrance to any trendy peer or social circle, that made taking photos a trendy activity as necessary as breathing. Of course the advent of style bloggers, selfies, celfies and hastags didn't do us any favours.
Alas photomanaics now have all the social media power. I have personal friends who have up to 10,000 pictures on social media, (and their last name isn't kardiashian, Bieber or Makinwa! ..lips sealed)
The celebratory status and complex one attain with good, clear, trendy, fashion forward pictures on social media like instagram, pinterest and twitter has made talking pictures less of a fun exercise and more of a desperate attempt to fit in or be famous. Hence the rash of social media identity theft, photo-copying, impersonation and exploitation.
Everyone has a photomaniac streak, the trick to balance and stay on the safe side of the spectrum, is to keep the fun in the activity and alwayz be security conscious. Having a lot of pictures online guarantees some levels of identity thief, scam or impersonation of some sort, so delete old pictures that have served their purpose or keep only those that will serve a future career, business or personal aim.
Till we meet again next week, keep taking fab ootd selfies. To get them featured on the blog, follow our instagram page @MillicentMFTV and tag ur photos to us with the hastag #MillafashionPhotomania.


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