The Fashion Forward Gent Essentials This Season!

Gone are the days that men stick strictly to conservative wears, earth toned shades, grey socks and dark colored suits. The creative fashion bloom of the past decade, has revolutionize the male fashion and style psyche, giving birth to today’s crop of fashion forward gents in bright hued shades, hip ensembles, yellow suits and pink socks figuratively.  Hence the difference in the style essentials of the tradition male and the fashion forward gent wardrobe. 
The three keys to staying on the positive side of the new menswear style radar is to go bold, bright, neutral and quirky! In order to step up your style game this season,

Here are some of the style essentials of the fashion forward gent this season
Enjoy and upgrade your closet today!
Duffel Bag
Mai Atafo Tailored Blazer
Levy Jeans 
Pop hued Pants
Orange Culture Print shirt
Taylor Gabriel Navy suits
Ferragamo dress shoe and Sandals
Burberry Trench Eyewear
Native Cap
Ray Bans
Kola Kudus Ankara or Batik shorts and pants
Signature Scent (Try Disel Only for the Brave)
Beads leather tong wristbands
The flat cap
Pop In A Pocket Square (Pocket Kerchief)
Lux Leather Wallet
Statement Wristwatch


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