5 Bad Beauty Habits to Break This Season

Hello style lovers. Break those bad beauty habits this season and glow like the cover girl on vogue magazine with a few quick tips and tricks from me to you. Muah!
1. Sleeping with your makeup on. 
Tip: Simply store face wipes in your nightstand or bed headboard where it’s handy to reach right from the comfort of your bed.

2. Never wearing sunscreen 
Tip: Despite what you think, black women living in Africa needs sunscreen too. In order to break this bad habit and save time simply ensure all your beauty products are loaded with SPF; for instance foundation, moisturizer or crème to powder.

3. Over plucked pencil-thin eyebrows.
Tip: Tweezing is great only if you use a light hand. Don’t over pluck your brows to thin pencil lines, but if you’ve already committed this beauty faux paus don’t worry about it. Simply fill and broaden your brows with chocolate brown eye shadow or broad soft pencil for natural looking full brows.

4. Chipped nails and manicure.
Tip: Contrary to what we all want to believe, nicked nails and chipped manicure are noticeable. Keep a nail file, favorite nail polish and cleaner in your makeup bag always for a quick fix.

5. Never moisturizing at night time. 
Tip: Forget the spa treats and tons of beauty products, Moisturizing regularly at night is the best treatment you can give your skin. Trust us, you will be thankful for this tip if you comply for just 7days.


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