6 Ways to Detoxify Your Body without Stress

Most individuals associate cleansing or detoxification with food deprivation, mood swings and unhappy moments filled with forbidden cravings. If you are one of those, get ready to sing a new tune, as we bring to you six ways to detoxify, without fighting off hunger pangs and stress eating caused by deprivation.  
A glass of lemon water – A glass of lemon water every morning helps to eliminate toxins, cleanse your system and floods your body with necessary nutrients and immune boosters. Trick: Drink a glass of tepid water, mixed with lemon juice and wait 30mins before eating breakfast. 

A cup of Chamomile Tea – A cup of Chamomile Tea before bed nightly can do wonders for your body and help you effortlessly attain the perfect bod you’ve been coveting on the pages of fashion magazines. It serves to keep away insomnia or sleeplessness and breaks down your final meal. 

Dark Chocolate- Soothe your craving for dark chocolate healthily without guilt and watch the transformations in your body over the next few weeks. Remember to always brush and floss after
your chocolate intake or run the risk of waging another health war in the nearest future.

Spices- spices are great cleansers and helps the body reach its satiation point quickly so spice up your stews, spaghetti and sauces with a liberal hand. Common spices food in every Nigerian store and home includes, Chile pepper, cinnamon, cayenne, ginger, turmeric et al. 

Avoid Snacking- in-between meals snacking, is a sure fire to clog your arties and exclude the possibility of ever having your long desired perfect body. If you a snack addict cut down your snack intake to the barest minimum and never snack in between meals. 

Know the difference between boredom and hunger. Most people think they are hungry when they are just bored, restless or have free time on their hands. Hence the food binge most individuals who work weekdays indulge in during weekends and holidays. Learn to tell the difference between hunger and boredom and I guarantee your perfect bod dream will become a reality. 


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