WIWT Series:Sweaters and Cardigans

Hi people! Its harmattan season in Nigeria and I for one, am glad! It’s been a while since we experienced a really cold season in Lagos Nigeria and my beloved sweaters and cardigans have been lying in neglect at the back of my closet for a dreadfully long time.
I have a crazy love for sweaters and cardigans. I am sure some would find that strange, as I live in a hot climate. I have no clue while I like them so much, especially as, I am always very hot and can barely stand long sleeved fashion staples. As soon as I see them, I just have to have them, even though I know it just going to hang in my wardrobe.
Anyway I love them and this season gave me an opportunity to rock this fab cardigan from Zara last weekend. I paired it with my leggings, black Tims and iridescent sunglasses.

What do you think? 


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