GirlTalk: Self-Love & Affirmation

 Looking into the mirror I see a vision and it was a revelation.
You see, I've always had this mirror but it was dirty, so whenever I looked into this mirror, the images I saw were blurred, skewed and unclear.
 I wonder why I never thought to clean this mirror before so I could see this wondrous vision.
The vision is the very definition of beauty, glowing in good health, bubbling with joy and cheer like champagne in a glass.

Radiant, full of wisdom, virtue and strength  
Her self-worth is apparent in her gaze, speech, manner, attitude and approach.
A princess that knows what she deserves and so demands only a prince as a life companion. 
Having zero tolerance for frogs in her castle except in her ponds
A virtuous industrious queen who is proud to bow to her King and walk by his side for his worthiness has been proven by his tots, deeds and acts of valor.
An independent who is not a prisoner of her own making or afraid to lean on the special "other" when needed.

Suddenly the vision spoke to me, stunning me speechless.
I am strong, I am full of vision, I am a queen whose hand can only be taken by a deserving King who has slayed his ego demon and pride monster on the altar of compromise, wisdom and respect.
I am gorgeous, needing no size or being to realize my value. The Social props of today are anemia to me and I am resistant to pressure, manipulation, negativity and unhappiness
I am full of wisdom, born of God, advantaged on every side and fruitful in all things. I am me, I deserve the best and I am awesome!

Looking into the mirror I came to the sudden revelation that the entrancing, gorgeous vision in the mirror is ME.

Millicent Arebun


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