Morning-after Regime.

Sometimes, we like to have fun, hang out with friends all night, wild on champagne or just let go of the carefully reined control we mostly base our self-worth or pride ourselves on. Depending on the current circumstances in our lives or religious leanings, we may sometimes also engage in intense nights of prayer, or marathon study, trying to change or turn our fates or those of our loved ones favorably.
Alas, having fun, changing fates or letting go often comes with a price, sometimes costly. For the style lover, most often the fleeting gains of a night out in town or vice versa is spoilt by the dreaded morning after effects which includes blotchy skin, bloodshot eyes, appalling pallor, and other hangover symptoms.
Worry no more as we bring you morning-after regime to combat or camouflage the effects of a night of valor, piousness or fun.

6 Tips for the Morning-after 

Green Tea. The Caffeine in green tea helps combats inflammation and stimulate skin, making it the perfect remedy for the morning after. Place warm green-tea bags over eyes for two minutes, then place on the sides of your nose. This helps to reduce dullness, blotchiness and dark eye circles.
Concealer and Foundation. For ladies, the magic trick to hide the ravages of the night of indulgence or sacrifice is concealers. Stay away from your foundation and slick on the concealer for instant healthy glowing skin. For the gents, 

Brighten your eyes. In order to hide the evidence of a night of decadence as evidence by bloodshot eyes, simply place cold slices of cucumbers on your eyelids till warm, replace with another slice and repeat process until your eyes are
clear.  Ladies, add a cold of mascara to your lashes to add faux brightness to your eyes. 

Bold Lipstick. Bold lipstick can over all kinds of sins while rehydrating dry lips and distracting from any leftover pallor. Be sure to pick a creamy formula. Gents, use a lip gloss or natural color coat with hydrating properties to heal and camouflage dry caked or burnt lips.

Ponytail or Topknot. This hair styles are great for to repair mangled, slept-on hair, while guaranteeing instant chic in under a minute.

Brush Your Teeth and Pop Mint! This is very important. Before you so much as open your eyes, pop some mints, so as not to kill the nearest person to you with the “scent” of a night of decadences, valor (if you were reading)  or prayer.


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