Nigeria 2015 General Elections: My Vote! My Power!

How does it feel to be granted the power to change lives both living and unborn? How powerful it must feel to be able to decide ones immediate present and future!
Nigeria is at the cusp of a new dawn or dusk! Come this weekend you have the intoxicating and frightening power to change your world, your present and your future!
With power comes great responsibility, so CAST YOUR VOTE wisely and rationally, containing no hate, or extreme passions that clouds sound judgement

Pick the right man to determine the world of your children
Entrust the right man with the power to mold futures.
Your VOTE is your POWER! Don't let anyone bully or outsmart you of it!
I will exercise my power @ the polling station on Saturday! Will you exercise yours? I sure hope so!
Till we meet again, live, love and exercise wisdom in all u do!
My Vote! My Power!


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