Runway VS Walkway

By Chiamaka Udeh
The fashion world is filled with designers who have amazing ideas which they always pull through with, as seen on runway. But, the major problem with their creative ideas is that often times it may not be ideal for the real world. Fashion should be fun, flirty, easy and effortless. Hence, the clothes on runway makes fashion sometimes feel tedious and unreal.
            Many critics have argued that clothes being showcased on runway represent couture fashion and at the end of the day the people who buy these clothes off the runway either wear it well while sticking to the designer’s original ideas or have it toned down to fit the style suitable for the street.

However, this trend is mostly seen in the Nigeria fashion Industry as top fashion icons create clothes that are sometimes not fit for the street savvy fashionista.  When it comes to fashion, not everyone can be daring because of the kind of society we live in, this cloths designed most times have European ideas written all over it. How does one fit their own ideas of style into runway dresses without making it less real, wearable and decent?


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