WIG Secrets

Tired of bad hair days and don’t want to go the traditional route by solving it with head wrap, weaves or turban?  The magic solution to your hair challenges is WIGS. Aha! I’m sure you’ve considered the wig option before but was discouraged by the fact that when you wear wigs, it seems obvious to every adult female alive that you’re wearing one and so doesn’t “feel or fit” right. The good news is you can now wear your hair 50 styles in a month using different hair pieces and full wigs by faithfully adhering to the following wig secrets below. Consider it a new month present from me to you.

Wig Secrets: 

Every hair on your beloved style celebrities, models and stars can be bought (not made). From Beyoncé super bowl performance hair, Toke Makinwa’s side fringe wavy weaves, Genevieve Nnaji big Afro locks to Rhianna’s pixie cuts.  All you have to do, to get the look in minutes is, go shopping at wig stores, market or saloons in Nigeria. In Lagos, wig hotspots includes, Hollywood hair stores, Lo’lavita hair salon, Makeme beauty salon, Balogun Market, numerous online stores et al.

Front lace closures be it human hair or synthetic is the key to wearing your wig and looking as natural as if it was your own hair.

Thou shall invest in quality hair pieces or wig.  Investing in wig can be very conflicting. Most often wigs ae a stop-gap option to bad hair days so most ladies won’t like
to commit major funds to the endeavor.  Investing in quality wigs helps protect your
natural hair and helps you grow strong healthy hair in no time.

Home Made Conditioning and Detangling Mix. In a spray bottle, mix 1 part of any fabric softener with 4 parts water for the perfect detangling, conditioning, and
styling formula. You can use the same formula and substitute the fabric softener with
an inexpensive hair conditioner, especially if you have a human-hair wig.

Hair pieces are the new wig candies! Sometimes, you don’t have to go the full wig mode. Having hair pieces, for instance, detachable ponytails, fringes, buns, et al, handy can make the difference between a bad or fab hair days.

How to Condition your wig: Place your hand with fingertips spread into the crown of your wig.  Spray either your homemade mixture or store bought product into the air, three to four times and gently wave your wig through the mist. Gently brush, comb, or finger style. Set your wig aside to dry before wearing or storing.

Detangling Tips: Spray bottle approximately 6 to 8 inches from the wig and 1 to 2 times directly onto any tangled wig area. Gently use a small, wig brush or fine-tooth comb to begin detangling. Remember to comb your wig tendrils over your fingers. Once done, set your wig in rollers and air dry.

Know the difference between human hair and synthetic. The basic difference is HEAT!!! Synthetic wigs are not heat friendly which means no blow drying, tonging or straightening. Even stream from an open oven can do major damage to your synthetic wig. Despite the no heat drawback, synthetic wigs have lots of other advantage.


  1. The majority of human hair wigs on the market are made from Asian hair. Most of it comes from China, although higher quality Asian hair comes from women who live in long lace front wigs

  2. The damage would be insurmountable. If you really are concerned about people finding out that it is not your own hair, choose a color that is closest to your natural hair color and learn to stick with it. synthetic lace front wigs

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